The Sirus day spa brand

Sirius Day Spa is dedicated to enhancing the well-being and beauty of our clients through the benefits of experiencing our vast collection of luxurious, yet affordable, spa services. Our unique membership model encourages clients to receive multiple services that fulfill their desired spa experience.

Our Experience

Staffed by knowledgeable and friendly professionals, the Sirius Day spa experience is unmatched by any other day spa.


Our pioneering membership model makes it affordable for clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle by incorporating our services into their daily lives on a monthly basis.


With a offering of over 40 services, its easy to get multiple services taken care of within one location.

what we offer

  • Relaxing and therapeutic massages to help relieve stress
  • Skin care treatments to revitalize your appearance
  • Nail care services for both hands and feet
  • Wash and style hair blow outs
  • Luscious Eyelash extensions
  • Quick and effective teeth whitening system

why choose us

Sirius is your convenient and affordable Day Spa retreat, where you can re-center and harmonize your overall well-being in Mind, Body and Spirit, in an environment designed to let you truly relax and leave the world behind.

At Sirius, we focus on a holistic 360° approach that balances, re-centers and harmonizes your overall well-being through a personalized menu of services that address the key elements of mind, body and spirit. In a calm, and stress free environment where you can truly relax and leave the world behind.

Your Sirius Day Spa experience will improve well-being in numerous ways, just by engaging you in an affordable, pampering ritual that is customized just for you. Imagine… being cared for and pampered by another person; while you totally relax and enjoy the present experience, you can become fully present and in-tune with your thoughts, finding inspiration, or insight into problems that have been quietly lingering in the background. At Sirius we understand that true wellness is achieved by treating people holistically across mind, body and spirit.
The Sirius Day Spa experience will indeed make an impact on your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

it's all about You.